Friday, April 9, 2010

"It's All Good"

"It's All Good" is a phrase that Grant uses all the time, and I thought it was appropriate because life is still "all good!"  I didn't blog yesterday, my apologies if you are following my blog religiously!
First off, this is a post I am writing today about yesterday (April 8).  Also, 10 hours of sleep does a body so much good!  I had a great day yesterday, and it was probably because I actually got some sleep!
Yesterday I had Jessie pick out my outfit because I was too lazy to (yes, it IS possible to be that lazy hehe).  She picked out a cute top I haven't worn here at Utah State yet, and I picked out a necklace that matched quite well.  She even let me wear her peach converse shoes - how sweet is she?!
Well, I must say that looking and feeling cute sure does make a day better!  I got asked if I cut my hair...even thought it was the fact that I actually did it for once!  Haha gotta love it!  Jessie and I went to the TSC so she could mail her letters, and then we went to the bookstore so I could get some colored paper.  I can't do math like I used to; I had to recount my 15 pages of paper like three times to make sure it would be enough for what I wanted to print on each paper.
I dragged Jessie to the computer lab in Ray B. West because I have like a bizillion prints there with all of my English classes.  I asked the guy if I could put my stack of colored paper in the printer as to use up more of my free prints.  He said yes and everything was going smoothly until I tried to print two slides per page.  This proved to be extremely difficult, even thought I know it has been done before!
I was printing 30 fliers for my Relief Society Activity I am planning where two girls are coming to show just how fake media's view of 'perfection' is and how to stay away from its harmful influence if you were curious.  It finally worked after many trial runs, and I went to the printer to collect my precious papers.  As I was waiting for the final page, the guy who had been helping me said, "That's a really cool thing that you're doing for your Relief Society thing."  I thanked him and explained what the presentation was going to be about.  If felt really good to brag about my hard work honestly, because it has taken a very long time to set up!
I went to gather my belongings, and Jessie said, "He totally has the hots for you!"  Not gonna lie, I felt good about myself after that!  :)
Jessie had class so I took the opportunity to get gas for my suburban and stop at Rue 21 (now my absolute favorite store!).  Gas was awfully expensive, especially for The Beast's (the suburban) tank!  I went to Rue 21 to see if they had anymore amazing deals, and it turns out they did!  I am starting to really like Converse style shoes - something I thought I would never like in a million years!  I actually found a pair of jean fabricated converse shoes for only $5!  That's sure better than the $5 foot long Subway sandwiches I keep hearing about!
When I got back to Merrill (home sweet home), Jessie and I left to go do service at the DI.  It was actually a great experience.  I always want to do service, but I never find opportunities to do it!  I felt amazing during and afterward, because I was doing something for someone else rather than just doing everything for me.  Usually students get caught up in their needs, even when others are struggling more than them.  I felt amazing!  I also learned that jeans and I don't get along!  Every time I would hang up a pair of jeans, the jeans around them would fall to the ground and I would have to hang those up too.  This process continued for awhile.
After an hour and a half of volunteering, Jessie and I were very tired, and starving!  I don't have anything in my cupboards anymore because I have yet to go to the store.  We were trying to brainstorm ideas of what to make when we got back, but I didn't feel like doing anything.  Instead of cooking, we went to the Marketplace and had the most delicious meal ever!  Jessie and I are definitely twins, because we both got a taco salad with the same things on it :)  Destined to be roommates for sure!!!!
I don't think life can get any better!

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