Monday, April 12, 2010

Three Days in One Post

So I have been very bad at updating my blog, so sorry!
Saturday was much needed:  I slept till 11:45!!!  Yes, it wasn't the most productive thing I could have done but it sure felt good.  After getting ready for the day, or at least the half of the day that was remaining, Jessie asked me if she could take pictures of me.  Of course I responded yes, because who doesn't like getting pictures to feel pretty?!!!!
It was a lot of fun, and I totally felt like a model (haha the simple joys in life.)  If was a great way to make me feel good about myself, and I learned just how amazing Jessie is at photography (among other things)!  If you are curious to see the pictures, please see my facebook photos :).

Sunday went well because I did my hair (for like the 5th time in my life ;) haha) and got as ready as I could because 9:00 church sure comes fast!  I had a cute outfit to wear and Jessie let me borrow her shoes.  I got some looks like "Wow, when she actually tries she looks good"  haha but it's all good!  I felt good and that's all that matters right?!  It was a very spiritually uplifting day and I enjoyed it fully.

Monday started off extremely crazy.  First of all, both Jessie and I slept in till 9:15 when we both have classes at 9:30!  Talk about panic!  I swear my alarms did not go off!  I missed my English quiz, forgot my flash drive, and would be rushing to classes all day.  No fun.  I got chewed out by my group for a group project for not having my flash drive, even though I did the assignment and have been on top of things every other time.  Sigh haha.  I was feeling down and had no really good reason, which was frustrating.  I like to have reasons for my frustrations or my moods.  I called my mom and had a good talk which made me feel better.
I didn't really have anything huge to look forward to, so I got all cute for FHE which did wonders. You may think it's silly, but looking good truly does make you feel good!  Jessie picked out my outfit so of course I felt extra cute!  She is so stylish (believe it Jessie!).  FHE was fun and there were free hot dogs!  That was the highlight.
This school year has about killed me off!  I have so many projects I have been working on forever, and I am killing myself to do all of them- all BEFORE finals!  Yes, there is something wrong with this picture!  I am so so ready for the end of the year, and for summer to start!
Anyway, there is my updates on three days in one post!  Hope it all makes sense, because I am tired and as I don't have my glasses on I can't see anything!  Later!

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